Construction Accidents

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Construction Accidents

Construction sites are inherently dangerous. Looming around are heavy and sharp objects, large hauling equipment, machinery, and dangerous gases. A simple misstep by a construction worker can result in serious injury to other workers or innocent bystanders near the site.

Causes of Construction Accidents

Many contractors, companies, employees, and parties can be involved in a single construction site. With the involvement of so many people, several things can result in serious injuries during a construction accident, including alcohol and drug abuse, inadequate training of a construction worker, negligent operation of a tool or machine by a contractor or supplier of the product, failure to adhere to safety regulations, and/or defective or inadequately maintained equipment. Construction accidents can result in traumatic injuries to the spine, neck, and head, as well as disfigurement, amputation, coma, death, fractures, and/or paralysis.


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